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About us

Since its founding, Max Art Co., Ltd. has introduced a state-of-the-art operating system that makes full use of IT technology, and has provided services that support customers' businesses from a global perspective that is not bound by conventional Japanese wisdom.


Originally, Internet technology should be borderless, transcending place, time, and language. "Www," which is synonymous with homepages, is an abbreviation for the World Wide Web, which means "a global information network." However, the Internet in Japan is mainly completed in Japan, and is limited to "jww = Japan Wide Web", that is, "Japanese-scale information network" instead of "www".

At our company, we will build a borderless management system that eliminates this border = border, cooperate with overseas partners, and as a service to supplement the labor, technology, and information shortages of customers in Japan, we will telework overseas human resources as your company's staff. Offering and supporting offshore development.

Let's build a borderless business that makes full use of the original IT to survive in the new era.

Max Art Co., Ltd.

Director Masatoshi Yamazaki


2200-7 Fukami, Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture

TEL: 050-3359-8696

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